How to get your book into a library

A problem for most authors, especially self-publishing ones, is to generate exposure. Get the word-of-mouth machine enough seeds so that a following can blossom.

One of the ways of doing this is to get one’s books into libraries. There is no cost barrier for readers to try out a new discovery. And then, who knows? The rise to best-sellerdom just might happen.

As most authors know, however, getting one’s books into library is no easy thing. Local libraries are besieged by authors donating free copies of their books. There just is not enough physical space for them.

Well, that is a generalization that is not totally true. Recently, thanks to the generosity of a friend, I was able to be added to his public library shelves.

Little Free Libraries is a great idea!

The librarian keeps weird hours. To get your own copy quicker, visit one of these links:

Master of the Five Magics

Secret of the Sixth Magic

Riddle of the Seven Realms

The Archimage’s Fourth Daughter

2 thoughts on “How to get your book into a library

  1. Hi. I hope this reaches Lyn Hardy. I met you in the 70s when I worked under Roger Vosler as a young computer programmer at TRW. There, a group of fun people including you would do sack lunches together, often playing Kriegspiel. Those were very fun days. Recently, I recommended your first Magic book to a nephew and then discovered you had continued things with The Archimage’s Fourth Daughter, and are now looking to do even more. Fantastic. I just wanted you to know that I’ve always remembered you and the example you provided.

    • Hi Scott
      Great to hear from you. Your email brings back fond memories.

      If it is ok by you, I will add your email address to my list of notifications when my next book, Magic Times Three, comes out early next year.


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