The Archimage’s Fourth Daughter

FourthBookBriana was in a fix. Even her father, Alodar, the Archimage, was powerless to get her out of it. Her only chance was to go on a great adventure — one worthy of the sagas.

Aliens, volcanoes, and most of all — magic!

A stand-alone tale of adventure and discovery. No need to read any of the preceding books in the series first.
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Here are some reviews:

Larry Niven: “A fun read. It sticks to the rules [Hardy] laid out 30 years ago, [but this time] the stakes are higher.

Christopher Macy: A welcome addition to the series. Would like t see more

Seregil of Rhiminee: A captivating and entertaining fantasy novel!

Melinda: Delightful Return to a Favorite Series

Stephen Wolf: New worlds, great science fiction

Jim Mueller: Briana, the titular protagonist is a likable and principled young woman. There’s a lot of good and interesting adventure packed into “The Achimage’s Fourth Daughter.”

J.Y. Olmos“. . . Strangely compelling”

Cover by Tom Momary