Magic Times Three

Fig stumbled a step backward. No towering devil stood before him as he had imagined … and feared. No great beast with a hideous smile of anticipation.Instead, he gazed at a female about the same height as himself. The face more alluring than any artist’s rendering of beauty could be. A petite upturned nose. Come-hither eyes. Red and sensuous lips contrasting with pale green skin. What must be the tops of wings appeared over her shoulders.

“I am Lilith, what you on Earth call a succubus. Kiss me. That will be but a first hint of what delights await when you submit your will to mine.”

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Is time immutable?
Can stepping on a butterfly in the Jurassic change human history?
Might denizens of the realm of demons have something to do with it?

In the tradition of Fletcher Pratt and L. Sprague deCamp

Here are some reader comments:

Stephen J. Wolf

With rapid pacing, crafty story telling, and the infusion of Hardy’s personal expertise and wit, this is a wonderful story

B. Kerr

Physics meets magic in a fascinating story


Magic with immutable laws, like science