2 thoughts on “The Archimage’s Fourth Daughter now available

  1. I’m glad you (apparently) took my advice and stuck some links to the shops in that you hopefully gain revenue from

    Sad thing – while most American’s believe USA is the only market in fact the larger markets are overseas

    If you look at any performance figures for any media the US is a (good) percentage but the big numbers come from overseas sales – like me

    You either need to internationalise your blog (it’s wordpress – can’t be that hard, simply requires geocoding) or simply list the links in the individual markets


    Amazon US link

    Amazon UK link

    Amazon CA link

    This can be extended to other counties – if it’s available in German

    Amazon DE link

    All quite simple

    Pre-purchased my copy – reading it now (I have limited fun time)

    • Hi Simon

      Yes, I did take your advice and add the linkes to US domestic sellers. When I did that, I also checked what it would take to internationalize the vendor links for my books. It turned out that that the plugins for wordpress were either pricey (I would spend more on monthly fees than I would earn from book sales) or were unreliable. So I did not go further. I have put on my todo list for 2018 to reexamine this and keep your posted. Thanks for your continued interest.


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