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To insert between or among existing elements or layers.
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary


Intercalate is a system which supports domain modeling and translation of the model into applications.


Intercalate was born of the need to synchronize a database schema, Java classes, and an object-relational mapping relating the two. The schema was undergoing continual change, and every time it did we had to go back and painstakingly make changes to the classes and the mapping. Of course errors were introduced in the process.  It became quickly apparent that the large number of derived representations would be impossible to maintain without some sort of  tool to keep everything together.

We observed that the similarities among the desired text files could be abstracted into a model organized in a hierarchy of Property Lists and that the individual files to be realized could be regenerated by replacing key elements in Templates designed for each purpose.  We built Intercalate based on this observation, and when we were done discovered that the tool had a far wider range of applicability than just addressing the original need.


Intercalate is completely general unlike other template packages, such as a mail merger, which are designed to solve a specific problem. Although inspired originally by problems in object modeling, Intercalate has been applied in many domains.

Intercalate supports all phases of software development, from requirements to design, implementation, deployment, and subsequent life-cycle maintenance.


The next pages lead you through the basic concepts and structure of Intercalate.  As you read on, you will see examples of Intercalate's flexibility and broad applicability.
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