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Downloading and Using Intercalate-lite

As a service to our clients who have developed applications which incorporate Intercalate property lists and templates, Alodar Systems provides a version of Intercalate which can be freely downloaded and shared. This version is suitable for use in scripted builds and for embedded processing. It does not include the graphical applications for creating and maintaining property lists and templates described on page 2.

In order so we can better support Intercalate, we ask that this Intercalate-lite archive not be modified in any way, and that any application which uses it give credit to Alodar Systems and direct inquiries to

Intercalate-lite To download the intercalate-lite.jar archive, right-click on this link or the icon to the left and save the file to a local disk. Remember where you saved it, because you will need to specify the location as the <download_folder> below.

Usage Summary

Java version 1.3 or later is required to run the Intercalate application. Start Intercalate with the following command, after replacing <download_folder> with the path where the archive is located.

java -classpath <download_folder>/intercalate-lite.jar com.alodar.intercalate.Intercalate
The following usage summary is displayed.
Usage: Intercalate [flags] template dictionary ...
  flags are key-value pairs (default shown in brackets)
            -OutputFolder "path"   [.]
           -IncludeFolder "path"   [.]
                 -LogFile "path"   [System.err]
  -LogInformationalOutput {YES,NO} [YES]
          -LogErrorOutput {YES,NO} [YES]
     -LogDiagnosticOutput {YES,NO} [NO]
[Press return]

Required Arguments

There are two required arguments: the template and the dictionary (property list) to be processed. In many cases, this is all that is needed. For example, to process the metagraph property list using the jdbc template, simply repeat the command above, adding the paths to those files as arguments.
...Intercalate jdbc.template metagraph.plist

Include and Output Folders

If the template contains include or output directives, the folders where the files are located can be specified by providing additional switches. For example, to put the jdbc class files in a package folder, add the -OutputFolder flag.
...Intercalate -OutputFolder org/metagraph/persist/node_jdbc jdbc.template metagraph.plist
The -IncludeFolder flag similarly directs the application where to look for included templates. Both flags are case sensitive, and both functions use the current directory if the argument is not specified.

Diagnostic Logs

The remaining flags, which start with -Log, control where and how much feedback Intercalate provides while it is executing. By default the information is printed to the console, but the -LogFile flag allows it to be captured in a file. The other three flags control the level of severity which is reported.

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