A Rebus

Here’s the cover reveal for book number 5 in the Magic by the Numbers series. I did not realize until it was completed that the icons taken together all contribute to make a rebus — a picture puzzle that can be translated into a word or phrase.

It is bit of a stretch, but here’s the logic.

The silhoutte is that of a demon — a succubus in fact. And in my book series what is associated with demons?  Magic, right!

The icons on the right are all clocks of one sort or another. The all have to do with time. And how many of them are there — Three right!

Put it all together and the images translate into Magic Times Three.

Yeah, yeah, very corny. But I am pleased with how things all worked out.


I had announced some time ago that book 5 would be out some time early in 2019 — and the year is already more than half over. The book is finished, and I have received the print proofs from both Kindle and Ingram Spark. All that remains is to pull the trigger.

But before I do, I have decided to explore some marketing activities that might lead to greater sales.

How long will that take?  I dunno. If you have some suggestions along those lines, it would be great to hear from you.


8 thoughts on “A Rebus

  1. I only just found out you’d returned to these books with a 4th novel and now there’s a 5th ready to go? What wonderful news!

  2. wow!! my dad and i read and loved your first three books of this series, and am also just now finding out about the fourth as well as this awesome news!
    it’s been a decade at least since reading… going to buy these when i get home. wish i were famous if only so i could spread the word of the fifth book for you, haha
    (p.s. – happy thanksgiving!!)

    • Daniel

      Thanks for your comment. And you don’t have to be famous to spread the word about my books. If every reader who likes what I write would tell a few others, then I would be the one who becomes famous!

    • I am aiming for m mid-February release. Magic Times Three will be available in both print and eBook formats. Available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, AppleBooks and Kobo.

  3. Just found out about this! WONDERFUL! The original series of three is definitely amongst my favorite “Speculative Fiction” series (with Lord of the Rings, Pern, I Robot, Tales from the White Hart, The Elric Saga. Your books have, IMHO, always been far underrated, with too few people knowing of them)! My oldest son loved the series too, so I’ve let him know about the new books.

    What’s the difference between the 1st edition and the 2nd edition of the original 3 books? [Hey, 1, 2, 3]

    Also downloaded the “Island Magic” series – a bit tricky on my old Kindle Touch, but by ignoring some of the error messages, I finally got it to download!

    Many thanks! You should make this world in to a Campaign Setting for Savage Worlds role playing….

    • Hi Martin.

      Thanks for your wonderful comment. It made my day.

      As for the differences in the two editions of 1, 2, and 3, the basic plot lines are the same.

      Most of the changes are in book 1 at the very end. Alodar still wins, of course, but I responeded to a verbal comment my wife got at a grocery store way back when — that, after all the build up, the ending came to quickly.

      In book 2, I changed the back story of the main character. Jemidon, the guy who couldn’t do anything into Jason, the scribe who had writer’s block.

      In book 3, I cleaned up and (hopefully) made more clear, the geometric oriented realms.

      Finally, I added an author’s afterward and a glossary to each of the books. In the glossaries, I give urls for where one can read in more depth about some of the ideas I used. If you have a digital reader, you can just click on the link in the text to go to the glossary page, and from there click on the reference. I continued using this idea in books 4 and 5 — and 6 that will be out maybe by the end of the year, too.

      Thanks again for your comment.


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